Master of Creative Philanthropy

by Jim Storm and Michael Vitt

Book cover of Master of Creative Philanthropy: The Story of Russel V. Ewald, written by Jim Storm and Michael Vitt

Jim Storm had the opportunity to work with and be mentored by Russ Ewald, an icon in the field of philanthropy. As head of The Minneapolis Foundation and The McKnight Foundation, Russ provided Jim with many opportunities to grow and develop professionally.

Following Russ’ retirement from The McKnight Foundation, the friendship between Russ and Jim continued to grow. As Jim came to understand the man and the "philanthropoid" — Russ Ewald — he knew that Russ’ story needed to be shared with others.

As it says in the preface to the book:

"Minnesota’s social landscape owes much to Russ Ewald. Although you are not likely to see any stadium, bridge, highway, office tower, or other public structure bearing his name, he affected as many lives as those whose names do grace our civic edifices.

Russ Ewald never amassed a personal fortune. Yet he directed hundreds of millions of willingly offered dollars into effective efforts to make the state, region, and nation better places for all.

Russ Ewald never sought nor attained political power. Yet his work influenced public policies at least as much as that of people who held important offices.

Russ Ewald never aspired to fame. But he made the most of his gifts and talents and followed the path set out by his Creator. As fate brought him to leadership of The McKnight Foundation, which during his tenure became the largest foundation in Minnesota, he became renowned and revered in philanthropy, an emerging field he did much to shape. His work made a difference to legions of people outside his field, but most never knew his name.

This book is his story."

Preface, Master of Creative Philanthropy: The Story of Russell V. Ewald

The sharing of Russ’ story continues to strengthen the profession of philanthropy with readers including individuals like Rosalynn Carter and many key organizational leaders.

We believe it is important to continue to provide this valuable book as a vehicle for shaping the future of effective philanthropy.

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