Client/Colleague Comments

"I have worked with Jim Storm, in a variety of situations, for several years. I treasure both his deep academic background and his experienced, professional demeanor. Jim enables members of a group to discuss an issue freely. Then, in a quiet manner, he moves the debate to a higher level with one or two questions which put the primary issue and alternative solutions into clear focus. Whenever Dr. Storm participates, I know we will emerge not only with new, creative ways to face challenges and opportunities, but also with a better understanding of ourselves."

Dr. Robert Holst — Past President, Concordia University, St. Paul

"I do not know of a good way to thank Jim and Laura. I walked away from the meeting really inspired. I love to watch group dynamics and I have never been so skillfully coached. They are making All Americans out of us. I personally am humbled by their gift of help… The real fun is about to begin as we make this grow."

Louis Manz — Founding Board President, Honduran Water Mission (Episcopal Diocese of West Texas);
Retired Colonel, U.S. Air Force; Ph.D., Environmental Engineering/Hydraulics and Groundwater

"The Athwin Foundation has worked with Jim Storm for the last several years and we have found the experience to be excellent. Jim's knowledge of and credibility in the nonprofit community is very high, and that helps us to sort through grant applications in a very efficient and effective manner. All of our trustees have extensive backgrounds at the board and volunteer level in the nonprofit world, so we have a good basis for making that judgment. In addition, Jim’s background in Organization Development has helped the trustees to review our operation and our mission in a congenial and productive way. We are a better organization because of his work with us. We have enjoyed working with Jim and we would expect that others will, too."

Bruce W. Bean - Managing Trustee, The Athwin Foundation

"As manifest on the COD banner, Jim Storm's acute listening skills and keen insights bring a rare blend of knowledge, experience and vision to play. Amid three career transitions and multiple nonprofit management conundrums, I could always count upon him to light the way. I completely trust Jim Storm."

Mary E. Braun — Executive Director, Shenandoah Valley Discovery Museum

"I have known Jim Storm for better than 15 years and in that time, he has provided me with priceless counsel and powerful insights into my potential, and opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist in the world to align that potential with the work I choose. He honors the high value I place on independence and he challenges me to think in completely new ways. I can't recommend him highly enough — one initial consultation and you'll know what I mean — he 'gets it.'"

Lissa Jones-Lofgren, Director, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Minnesota Council on Foundations