Center for Organizational Development

The Center For Organizational Development (COD) has a 20-year history of providing consultation services of excellence with its clients. Its areas of expertise are:


All consultants at COD bring extensive hands-on experience in their area of concentration, publicly recognized records of success, strong academic backgrounds and a keen understanding of their areas of concentration.


All consultants at COD embrace a set of common values.

  • We place paramount importance on the professionalism of our practice.
  • We respect our clients' integrity and self-determination.
  • We embrace diversity and live our commitment to this value.
  • We recognize that each client is unique and deserves our full attention.
  • We believe that much is learned by listening to our clients.
  • We respect the financial and personnel realities of each of our clients.
  • We embrace new and imaginative approaches to our practice.
  • We maintain a balanced and healthy perspective on life.
  • We are committed to our own continued development.
  • We balance serious work with appropriate humor.

Contact: Jim Storm, Ph.D.